Storage of the Sensor Helmet

Storage of the Sensor Helmet

The storage device for the sensor helmet will be the Sparkfun Openlog.  This is a simple serial feed sniffer that drops the data it reads on to a micro SD chip.

I had a chance to try some test sensor data read from the pro mini.  The pro mini let me choose a software serial port to output to.  Once that was setup, I was ready to connect the Openlog and start it.  It really is that simple.

The program I loaded read analog data from 2 different sound sensors and put the values into some variables.  All I had to do besides this was output the variable values in the code.

The only thing the Openlog needed was VCC, Grn, and the data line.  Once everything was connected I powered it on the data started to log.  When I was satisfied with the amount of data, I just removed the power.

To read the data, all I had to do was remove the micro SD chip and insert it to my PC.  There it was, all the readings!  I could copy the data and import it to Excel, Dashware, or Topofusion for visuals.

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