The Panoramic Ball – It’s a toss up.

The Panoramic Ball – It’s a toss up.

Never before have I found a device that is unique, yet at the same time being widely offered.  All of the makers claim to be the founders of the technology.  I won’t challenge those claims.  What got me was I found them all one evening in the span of 30 minutes.  I wasn’t even trying to find them, the all knowing algorithm of online search engines brought them to me.

First up – the Squio Throwable 360 Panoramic Camera

Next up – It’s Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

Followed up by – Bublcam the 360 Degree Camera

On the half shell – Tamaggo

I’m still snickering about it, will the real Slim Shady please stand up.  The thing that I find interesting is the synchronicity of these devices entering the market.  I find no coincidence in a technology that was once used in a proprietary way to be granted entry into the mainstream.   This was how the world got the internet, that seeding algorithm we’ve grown so used to.

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