Uploading 360 degree video to Youtube

Uploading 360 degree video to Youtube

Uploading video to Youtube is pretty straightforward. Uploading 360 degree video will require that your source video file has the needed metadata embedded in it so it can be rendered correctly. Youtube has provided steps on how to do this here, https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6178631?hl=en. The steps are not difficult to follow and it’s worth looking through them before attempting it.

I’ve got a unique situation. The Kogeto doesn’t shoot a full spherical 360 degree view. Rather, it shoots a 360 degree turret view, with the top and bottom of the field obscured by the lens. To fix this, I create an artificial dead space that is cleaner than the original dead space.

I’ve reprocessed the video files using OpenShoot. I’ve taken the original turret view and created new video files with the top and bottom fields in black. The final video format is a MOV h.264 1280 x 720 file. I set the frame rate dependent on the source.

I then copy these files to my Windows box so I can run the Injection process. I launch the process “Spatial Media Metadata Injector.exe” then open the file I want to inject.

I check the box for “My video is spherical (360) and then press the Inject metadata button. Now my video files are ready to be uploaded to Youtube.

Again, the upload is not too difficult. One thing to mention is post uploaded videos on Youtube have an edit option. Do not do this to your 360 degree videos. If you do, you’ll get unexpected results with the rendering.

Here are some samples of video that I’ve uploaded.

Kogeto lens on the iPhone 4. This was the traditional use of the setup.

Kogeto lens held in place over a 808-16 key chain camera. This is a proof of concept render, notice the poor focus. I just wanted to see if I could do it.

Not a lot to point out here. It’s just cool. My earlier posts really covered the meat and potatoes, this is just the gravy. Enjoy.

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