Radio Frequency Links – Seemless connection options

Radio Frequency Links – Seemless connection options

Another requirement for this quarter was to explore the different connection options available.  I did a browse of the offerings from the folks at Sparkfun and found quite of few.  There were some really inexpensive RF modules that look promising.

There were a bunch of other options and of course bluetooth modules.  The basic RF link looked like I could use if for both analog and digital signals.  Some more research into these modules brought me to a demo made by Kevin Darrah.  His insights are worth sharing.

I still haven’t pinned down the specific application I’ll use these with.  At any rate, I went ahead and ordered them along with some of the other RF and bluetooth modules.  When they arrived, I noticed how remarkably small they were.  I immediately began to thing of low transmit, high receiver applications.  The one that really stuck with me was what David Windestål had done and the amazing results he achieved.

I’m not sure what my project will entail, but it will be interesting to see what results I get from these tiny devices.

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