3D Components – Using SketchUp

3D Components – Using SketchUp

The process of creating scaled 3D models in SketchUp is time consuming.  It took me an hour to create one component, the lowly 2×16 parallel LCD.  I had to finally give up trying to draw one of the pinouts, the software rendered it incorrectly each time I went to edit it.  This took most of my time, correcting mistakes the software was creating.  I felt like it was in a wrestling match and the rules of the game where in favor for the opponent.  Frustrating to say the least.  I would rather not waste any more time grappling with this program.

All said, I was able to finish the component.









I think I’ll break from this attempt at using Sketchup and see what Eagle CAD and DesignSpark have to offer.  If the process can be streamlined with less effort, that’s all I need.  The 3D models don’t need to be anything more than some virtual pieces for me to move around and fit together.  Once that puzzle is done, I’ll be able to design the casing for it.

After taking a look at the Eagle CAD and DesingSpark options, it became clear I would be doing more work than needed.  Those programs would require me to put more detail in about the board layout.  I’m not sure what components are used on the devices.  That requirement brought me back to SketchUp.

So, I took another stab at it and the next model only took 30 minutes to finish.  I didn’t bother with all the bugs and just went with what the program could do.  It was rewarding to have a couple of objects that I could fit together and view.


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