Imaging of the Sensor Helmet

Imaging of the Sensor Helmet

The helmet sensor data will be incorporated into mapping and video data for later analysis.  This topic will cover the image and video capture system for the sensor helmet.

There will be an action camera that will embedded inside the helmet.  There are 3 current options for action cameras for this purpose.

  1. 808-16 Key FOB Camera, 720p – $50 from eBay
  2. 808-26 Key FOB Camera, 1080p – $100 from Amazon
  3. HackHD Camera, 1080p – $159.95 from Sparkfun

I would like to follow this example of embedding it.  The reason for this is to lessen the goofy appearance and increase the reliability and resilience.

The lens assembly may be extended from the camera housing by means of a cable.  The lens assembly will also include a Camera Lens Kit Designed for Apple iPhones.  This lens kit includes a 180 degree field lens and can be sourced for around $5.

In addition, the camera microphone will be extended from the housing and positioned to allow clear recordings of the surroundings and the rider.   Most of the footage from previous systems are noisy and unusable.  It would be beneficial to have usable narration should the need arise.  Positioning of the microphone will be determined during the sensor placement stage of the project.

The other requirements will need to be addressed.  Operation of the action camera should be accessible.  Indication of camera operation should be clear.  Access to the data storage will need to be provided.  The entire imaging system will need to be protected from the elements.

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