Power of the Sensor Helmet

Power of the Sensor Helmet

Powering the sensor helmet will be a multi step approach.

First, I’ll need to identify the power requirements for all of the devices connected.  Each component that requires voltage to operate will have a spec detialing its nominal operation.

Second, I’ll need to identify power sources.  For instance, some sensors will be powered by the on board regulator of the pro mini.  Will that regulator be able to handle the load?

Third, I’ll need to determine the time span that the system will operate at.  This is a basis to determine the Amp hours required.

Forth, I’ll need to choose the power source.  Should I use standard cells that can be easily replaced?  Will it be more cost effective to use rechargable cells?  Would the design benefit more from a ready to use recharge pack?

Fith, the power system will have to be tidy, servicable, robust, and weather proof.  If recharging is the option I choose, it will need to be effortless to accomplish.

I’ve had great experiences with using ready to use recharge packs.  They are slick, feature rich, and have most of the bugs worked out.  I’m leaning more toward this option.  With that said, I’ll need to tally the entire load and decided on operation time to select the appropriate Ah rating.

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