Noise and Air Pollution Maps

Noise and Air Pollution Maps

Two of the sensors that I’ll be incorporating in the sensor helmet have the potential to shape how I’ll plan my routes.  I had mentioned in earlier posts about air quality monitors and tracking them on a map.  Having this type of information during route planning could be useful.  I didn’t realize at the time the demand for type of data and the research that was currently being pursued in this area.

Yet again while searching online for examples for non TCX data types, I did a search for Noise Maps.  This led me a noise map that visually expressed my idea about the potential of the sensor helmet.










It became clear that most of the noise was being generated by vehicles.  There are studies into the links of noise and air pollution for this vary reason.  Since the sensor helmet also had air quality sensors it was exciting to realize that it could have this use.  I didn’t have to look far to find who was doing studies and the significance of the findings.  Here is a 2005 study published by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

It seems that having dynamic and current data of this type could improve the quality of life for many.  I’m not sure how the helmet sensor data will serve this purpose.  It won’t become clear until the sensor helmet is completed and in use for some time.  It is clear that noise and air pollution decrease quality indiscriminately.  There is no argument against that statement.

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