In the Wind – Anemometer

In the Wind – Anemometer

One of the sensors that I found recently is a wind sensor that could be useful.  I’ve had several tracks that I’ve done and it would’ve been nice to know what the headwind was.  This clever little sensor from ModernDevices looks like it would be up to the task.  I’ve seen some mention of using Ultrasonic, peizo sensors, and even microphones.  Here’s an online demo of a peizo setup.

ModernDevices mentions this, “the sensor was glitchy, picked up sound and vibration and was hard to calibrate.”.  The hot wire senors is probably the preferred method at this time as far as cost go.

They go on to say, “As an experimenters tool, the sensor is exquisitely sensitive, with a small puff of air being sensed at a distance of 18-24?. Possible applications include human breath detection, room occupancy detection, hvac system monitoring, weather stations and many more.”  This is impressive and shows a broad use application for a variety of needs.

The schematic for the sensor is simple.








It will be interesting to see if this could potentially be added in with the sensory array on the sensor helmet.  Too bad they are currently out of stock.  I’ll have to plan for it’s installation later.

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