Smart Helmet Connectors

Smart Helmet Connectors

The method of interconnecting the sensors, micro controller, cameras, data storage, and power together will be simplified for a couple of reasons. I will need to be able to move sound sensors around during testing. Also, I’ll need to be able to install all of the devices easily once I’m ready to finalize the helmet.








The BLS female housing are perfect for this purpose.  First, they are small and compact.  This makes it easier to move them and fit them were I want.  Second, I don’t have dongle wires to bother with.  This makes it neater and easier to work with.  Once they are in place, all I’ll have to do is patch in wiring.

The patch wiring is a sinch too.  I can premake a bunch of patch wire and used what I need.  On the final install, I can custom cut the patch wire to length and keep things tidy.

The other benefit of using patch wire is that I can replace them when something breaks.  It also allows me the option for future growth when new devices or ideas come into play.  The only thing I’ll be troubled with is keeping my excitement down with how damn easy it is.

The BLS housing are easy to install and I’ve used the headers for groups of common conductors.  The camera BLS installation has made it easier and more reliable for external devices and power to be provided to them.  Using the external USB interface has always been prone to wear and tear.  Using the BSL housing makes it easier to fix if this wear and tear does occur.

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