GSM, Iridium, and other wireless communication options.

GSM, Iridium, and other wireless communication options.

The connections subject spanned at least 8 percent of the entire material covered.  Most of it pertained to wired connections and physical connector types.  There was little mention of wireless options.  Those that were included RF, Sound, and Light.  None of these were demonstrated with code or some working example.

Since the next quarter will involve cloud data processing, this data will need to be uploaded wirelessly.  This will introduce new methods like WiFi and GSM.  I would like to explore the offerings that Iridium soltuions provide as well.

Cellular intagration my also lend an improved method of data aquisition and polling.  This is going to be a packed quarter, so I shouldn’t have concerns about a lack of material to research.

The rule of thumb for most of the quarters is materials should be ordered well in advance.  This will provide time to work with the technologies, instead of waiting.

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RockBLOCK – Iridium Satelite Communications

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