Test Equipment and Uses

Test Equipment and Uses

The Saleae logic tester arrived in the mail yesterday evening. It will join the other pieces of hardware I have. I thought, why not do a give a brief description of the equipment I have. So here it is.

Saleae Logic Analyzer 5.25V

The trigger and capture of digital signals will be key to identifying 3 party hardware protocols. The is the first step in interfacing custom hardware to the 3 party hardware.

PropScope 10Vdc / 20Vpp

Parallax’s Propeller based Oscilliscope. There is a book that gives all the ins and outs of this device, http://www.jameco.com/Jameco/Products/ProdDS/2134871%20UsersManual.pdf

Gooit GY560 50Mhz-2.4Ghz

This is a hand held RF frequency counter with no direct connection to equipment. There are kits online that can cover the lower ranges of 1hz-50Mhz, http://radiohobbystore.com/diy-kits/frequency-counter-diy-kit-module.html

RadioShack Digital Multimeter 600V

This is a basic multimeter, but the ways to use it are commonly misunderstood. So here is an excellent tutorial.

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