Making the Connection 2

Making the Connection 2

Sourcing specific low voltage signal cabling and connectors has proven to be more of a challenge than finding sensors or micro controllers.  The hunt for a one stop shop that offers flexible black cable with various conductor counts at 22 AWG is turning up nothing.  All Electronics looked the best option but I was able to find a local seller (DataPro) in Seattle, WA.  Three other sources looked promising, one that I had already used before.  Here is a list of all the sources that show promise.

The connectors search turned up a primary source with Pololu up front.  Their lineup of JST RCY connectors seemed like the best option for wire to wire applications.  They offer IDC sockets for wire to board applications, but these connectors lack a latching feature.

For the wire to board and wire to panel option, I found that Molex offered a better line up with their SL series.

There is not a store front at the Molex web site, but links to distributors that stock the specific SL connectors.  One of the connectors that quickly caught my attention were the crimp housings.  These were similar to the Pololu lineup of crimp connector housings, but offered a latch.

Molex offers 6 different housing options with a selection of conductor count in each.  Here is a break down of each:

  • Option A – Standard stackable sleeve, similar to what Pololu offers.
  • Option C – The same as A, but with 2 notches for polarized applications.
  • Option D – Similar to C, but the notches are placed at the wiring ports.
  • Option G – This is the housing with the latching clip and polarity notches.
  • Option H – The latching on this housing clips to a board based port.
  • Option N – This is similar to G, but also includes a slip prevention clip for mobile applications.

Clicking the specific part number on the Molex website brings up that part with a list of mate compatible parts.  This is handy, saving time and reducing the chance of incorrectly matching parts.  To purchase the part, click the “Check Molex Distributor” link and the site will provide a list of vendors and availability, along with any requirements.  These vendors offer links directly to their web store fronts, where the parts can be purchased.

Happy hunting!

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