Sleek, Stylish, & Compact – The art of appearances

Sleek, Stylish, & Compact – The art of appearances

The idea behind including integrated design into this quarters topics list was simple.  I have built far too many projects that have the appearance of being built in the basement.  It is a skill that is virtually absent.  At most I was able to tidy up some of my projects.  Looking back, this is just a starting point.  The devices, projects, and gadgets could really benefit me more with a WOW factor from the casual onlooker.  I’m afraid that the reality currently is more along the lines of the GOOF factor.

My most recent project in the Fall quarter really made this all too obvious.  The silliness of the huge headlamp on my bike, along with the monster sized grips capped with turn lights screams GEEK!  At the risk of being labelled neurotic, the snickers and chuckles from the general population have prompted me to take a different course.  I’m a better person for that, :-)

Anyway, the task of integrating a device on the market today and modifying it is the ambition of many a geek.  It just doesn’t have to proclaim it.  Since the Fall quarter project will be revamped, I’ll be continuing this post with follow ups.  This revamp will cover these items:

  • Current state of the setup.
  • Removal of the goof.
  • Proposed new method.
  • Steps to make it happen.
  • Installation of the new system.
  • Final results.

I had ideas to revamp my helmet as well, but I’m in good company so I don’t really feel as compelled to make changes quite yet.

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