Compacting Part 1 – Current state of the setup

Compacting Part 1 – Current state of the setup

This will be a 6 part series of entries covering the re-design and install of the signaling system installed last quarter.  In this part I’ll be going through what the current setup consists of.

Why the revamp?  To summarize it as simple as possible, it’s goofy.  To go into detail, here is a list of the reasons.

  1. The headlamp assembly is too big for the bike.  The hardware that holds it in place is temporary.  Since the install, no permanent hardware has been sought after.  The headlamp assembly is also putting pressure against the break signal sensors.  Now the right break sensor is intermittent.
  2. Next, the handlebar turn signal end caps have already failed.  The signal cap ends sagged their way off grips.  As a workaround, a large quantity of grip wrap was applied to keep them in place.  Now, the grips are slipping.
  3. The front section wire termination box resembles more of a cluster.  The headlamp levels do not change as expected now.  The turn signals to the left end up bouncing between the left and right.  The likely nature that there is a short exists is high.  This cluster is the reason behind most of this revamp.
  4. The main cable run to the controller box should be consolidated.  This is the reason this quarter focuses on connectors.  The cable run consists of two Cat5 cables.  The voltage required to power the headlamp may be close to spec for these cables.
  5. Improve the entire look of the bike, it looks amusing now.  I’m not amused.

I have new grips, so removal of the current hardware should pose no problems.  One additional benefit is the bike will be ready for winter service.  It is was due for this tune up early December.

Up next will cover the joyous occasion of removing the goof.

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