Compacting Part 2 – Removal of the goof

Compacting Part 2 – Removal of the goof

The step of clearing the way for the revamp didn’t take much time at all.  More effort was put into preparing the workspace and placing the bike.

All the device and control cables terminated at a project box, located under the handlebar headlamp.  Since the control cluster, brake sensor, and momentary switch were going to stay, I just decided to cut the cables as close to the project box as possible.

The cable mess was worse than I remembered.  It really had to be done.  Nothing about it was pretty.  After all the cables were cut, I could start removing the stuff that wasn’t staying.









I took out the main bus cables that ran from the controller to the project box.  I also removed the rear brake light since the controller wouldn’t be used, but will install it later.

Next was the headlamp and project box.  These were attached to each other.  Finally, I removed the grip tape and turn signal end caps.  I was able to salvage one of the grips underneath.  I then added the other grip.  Looking at it at this stage added to my resolve that this was the correct thing to do.

Now was time to tidy up a bit and tape the loose cable ends in place until they can be reconnected later on.  I tried a few different options and finally settled on one that made the least noticeable appearance.

Now with the work done removing everything, I can get a better idea of how the revamp will work.

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