Compacting Part 3 – Proposed new method

Compacting Part 3 – Proposed new method

Proposed new method

After going through the setup a few times with drawings of the layout, it became clear that simple was better.  The original setup had so many features.  This equated to so many parts.  To redo the same setup seemed insane.  I didn’t want to get locked into commiting tons of effort and time.  The simple approach also had to be expandable.  Another words, I would want the ability to add the features back without changing what I already have.








So, the most simplest revamp at this stage is to just control the headlamp directly.  I already have a momentary switch.  This was used in the boost converter project.  It will ground the signal line from the headlamp to turn it on.  I’ll power the whole show with a 2 cell AA battery enclosure.

The idea is all the wire leads will join at a inline jumper that is heat shrunk.  The battery enclosure will have an on/off switch.  This is becuase I noticed a battery draw with another headlamp even when it was off.  This may not be the case with the PDW headlamp.  Anyway, the end result should neat and descrete.

Having the 2.5 mm connectors means I’ll be able to make improvements later.  The first improvement would be using the bikes main battery pack through a buck converter fed into a voltage regulator.  This will provide a longer run time without diminished performance.

Next up, the steps to make it happen.

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