Spring Heartbreak

Spring Heartbreak

RPi Dashcam

Here’s a step by step using raspivid, super simple.

RPi Bluetooth and WiFi

I found it much easier to just use a USB adapter Edimax EW-7811Un, these instructions make it look easier than what I experienced with Adafruits “Ourlink” adapters.  I think my new AP doesn’t support the Ourlink band, so I had a sourlink.

Here’s one from Plugable.

BLE Revisited

Bluetooth basic tutorial – from Sparkfun

BC118 BLE Mate 2 Hookup Guide – from Sparkfun…don’t get too excited…it has a limit that only allows it to comm with another matching unit…”you won’t be able to easily connect it to any other BLE modules other than another BC118″

Old School Bluetooth

Configuring The HC-05 Bluetooth Module with AT Commands – techbitar

Bluetooth HC 05 & HC 06 in Command Mode & searching & Pairing Discoverable devices – Committed to Excellence

Arduino Bluetooth Basics – tinkernutremix

HC-06 (JY-MCU) Bluetooth Serial Module: Wiring and getting started  – David Watts

Innogear HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Host Serial Transceiver Module Slave and Master RS232 For Arduino – Amazon

Some other ideas

What the Future Sounded Like – Documentary from BBC

Previous Post Subject: TFT LCD and NearIR Camera Modules on the RPi

This post we will cover input and output hardware.  The PiTFT LCD output device will be used to display the near infrared camera input.  We’ll cover how to uplink to Dropbox.  This will be a lead in for augmented reality in later posts.  The PiTFT will require software to setup, here are the steps.

RPi Temp Monitor

This worked.

This is cool.

Waveshare Night Vision Camera Light Sense IR LED Board for Raspberry Pi

Adafruit PiTFT – 2.8″ Touchscreen Display for Raspberry Pi

article to chronicle my experiences with the Pi camera

Raspberry Pi – USB Webcam

Displaying webcam video on Raspberry Pi using pygame (This is key)

SnapPiCam Raspberry Pi Camera

Slimline point-and-shoot camera from Ben Heck

Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi Point and Shoot Camera

ContractorWolf.com Raspberry Pi – Point & Shoot Camera


Documentation on the uses of Beautiful Soup to scrape web content for values.



These were a couple of sources that had data worth graphing in Cacti




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Arduino, Xbee, RPi
imagemagick (image processing)
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Stuff carried over
FFT and Sound processing
Syslog, Thold, and email notifications
Complex multi line batch processing with python
Your RPi book
Spell check your blog
Image mosaics and morphing
Depth and FLIR imaging

You might be on edge, but don’t jump the gun.

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