CloudACM – 10 Years Later

CloudACM – 10 Years Later

What I wrote when I first started this blog still holds true today.

“When I started this blog, I never imagined it would evolve into what it has, and yet to be.  This has been a rewarding effort.  When I first started to elaborate on some ideas, I had the intention that the notes would help me remember so I could refresh later.  It has become much more than that.  The topics and ideas have given me better footing to more insights and subjects.  In my searches to understand, I’ve been blessed with the grace of others to give what they know freely.  I am grateful to offer what little I know in exchange toward the greater good.  Thank you to those that have helped me.  I hope you enjoy what is available here and find a way to help others from it.  Here’s my message in a bottle.”

Much of what prompted me to start the blog has fundamentally remained the same, although the specifics have changed.  My earlier work with discrete electrical circuits and basic stamp programming has changed to SoC firmware development, data processing, and analytics.  Although some techniques have evolved, they still follow the progression of logic that I used many years ago.  The next 10 years are completely unknown.  New tools and techniques are emerging, but more importantly the people that use them will provide insights that, in my opinion, will provide the greatest breadth.

At present and quite recently, the general public has adopted the use of predictive language modeling.  In some ways the reaction has been similar to that of the pocket calculator around 50 years ago.  The pocket calculator was and still is only adapt to what its operator is capable of, it didn’t remove the need to learn and understand mathematics.  The ability to articulate and cohesively convey ideas is and will continue to depend on the capability of the presenter.  That burden will not be lifted by any modeling algorithm.  There will be no refuge offered by these system for the luxury of ignorance, illiteracy, or idiocy.  The pursuit of knowledge will remain a noble one.

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