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Android Application Development















The fast rapids have given way to the open mass of water that moves slow.  I have completed introductions to developing applications on Android devices.  The interface and terminology have been the most challenging part.  I’m currently reading two books on the subject.

The first book which has most of the grit isAndroid in Action (W. Frank Ableson, Robi Sen, Chris King, C. Enrique Ortiz. Android In Action Third Edition. Shelter Island, NY: Manning Publications Co., 2012. Print. ISBN 9781617290503).  I honestly struggled to stay awake the first couple of evenings of reading it.  Finishing the intros has reaffirmed what I had seen online.

The second book “Beginning Android 4” also covers the same material, but in a more loose fashion, (Grant Allen.  Beginning Android 4. New York: Apress. 2012. Print. ISBN 9781430239840.).  The material is more sectional and easier to digest.  Coupling both of the books has helped get me through the open waters.

Earlier today I stumbled on on{x}.  Some seasoned developers will think I’m “Johnny come lately”.  They’re correct, it was announced 2 years ago before my attendance at Microsoft’s TechEd event in Orlando, FL.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…I should’ve already known.  Do keep in mind my focus at that time was systems support full time, and telemetry engineering.  I really don’t think the paths even came close.  Anyway, enough about justifying 2 years being late to the party, judge for yourself.

I’ll be heading out of town up to Alaska and will try and keep my show on the road.  The timing for the book learning couldn’t be timed better.  I’ve got a plane to catch, until we meet again.

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