Smart Phone Apps – Design with Purpose

Smart Phone Apps – Design with Purpose

With the end of the quarter close in sight, building a purposeful app is key now.  I’ve been fortunate to find so many resources, both online and printed, that have made the prospects of making an app feasible.

With that said, the remainder of the quarter will be dedicated to this goal.  Build an app that measures and stores sound level readings and GPS data.  This data will be used to find any correlation between noise and air pollution.

I happened to find an app that runs on my iPhone called MobileLogger, built by Robert Carlsen.  The interface is simple yet detailed enough to view during rides.  I was able to connect an external microphone and track background noise levels during my rides.












The real plus to the app is the developer has made apps code available to the public.  It’s been up there since Jan 2013.  After viewing the notes, it became clear that the SDK tools used were also available.  Robert used Appcelerator’s Titanium Studio for his iPhone development, here is a quick start from the SDK site.  It turns out that the SDK can also be used to develop Android and Blackberry apps.  One of the more interesting aspects, from what I can tell, is that the SDK is cloud based.









With the latest revelation in iPhone development, I’ll be spending the remainder of the quarter looking at this tool set.  Here are instructions from the SDK site for installing the iOS SDK.  Also, here is the instructions for setting up the Titanium Studio SDK.  Hopefully the effort won’t be mired with complexity.


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