Sensor Helmet Developments

Sensor Helmet Developments

CartoDB – Cloud based GPS visualization

Back in April I had found ways to plot sensor readings using GPS Visualizer.  The website allowed me to upload my data and plot the results on a map.   Just recently I came across another online tool that has some enhanced features that made me take notice.

CartoDB provides SaS that processes geospatial data and presents it in customized formats.  The helmet sensor readings will be geospatial data.  This will be ideal for that application.

Near IR 720p Auxiliary Camera

Another development was my modified 808-16 camera.  I was able to removed the IR filter from the lens housing.  The camera and lens were both removed from my damaged helmet.  It was a plus that it still worked and it survived the mod.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to add it the sensor helmet.

I’ll need to do more testing, particularly with the visible light filter.  I would like to use it during night or low light condictions.  The visible light filter triggers the camera in low light condition.  Still, the video I was able to shoot was impressive.

Still waiting for the power components for the helmet.  I’ll be assembling the helmet this week, in hopes of riding soon.

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