Compacting Part 5 – Installation of new system

Compacting Part 5 – Installation of new system

It took a bit of effort with the BLS connectors.  Once I got the hang of it, the rest of the setup went along fine.  First I started out with putting the BLS connector and new wire on the battery pack.  I attempted to source some wire at DataPros here in Seattle, but they didn’t offer it.  So, I decided to hit the scrap heap and found an old stereo cord that did the trick.  Shirk wrapping the connector ends gave some strength and made it look better.








Next up was the handlebar switch, since I had the hang of the BLS connectors.  It went pretty quick.  Same thing, heat shrink and it looked good.  The real challenge was hacking the PDW headlamp.  Lots a of parts and I had to figure out the best way to solder the wires in to the circuit board.  Drilled out some openings to route the wire through.  After a bit of soldering and reassembly, it was ready.

PDW HeadLamp







The jumper block turned out to be even more simpler than I first thought.  I just decided to use header pins and stick them into the BLS connector of the PDW headlamp.  Once on the bike, I could plug in the battery pack and control switch.








Testing was trouble free, so all that was left was to attach it all to the bike.  Finding a route on the cabling wasn’t difficult.  Not a lot of cables to monkey with.  Once it was all in place, I did a test run.  It ran as expected.

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