Bicycle Speedometer SCADA using the Basic Stamp 2

Bicycle Speedometer SCADA using the Basic Stamp 2

Abstract from Fall 2012 paper.

The primary goal of this project is to us the Basic STAMP 2 to measure pulses from the reed sensor, calculate RPM, and store data into external EEPROM.  Aside from the logic functions of the BS2, the entire system must be able to handle rough road travel in cold and wet conditions.  The secondary goal of the project is to indicate memory use by means of a LCD, with values displayed numerically and graphically. As an additional feature, the BS2 system will have a RGB LED to indicate Standby, Run, and Finished states.  The objectives for this project are defined as follows:

  • Detect reed sensor changes when wheel motion occurs
  • Measure pulse width of sensor state changes and calculate RPM
  • Store RPM values into external EEPROM
  • Enclose electronics inside a weather and shock proof case
  • Display memory usage on LCD in numeric value and graphically
  • Indicate if system is in Standby, Running, or Finished with a RGB LED

Entire paper can be read here


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